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Animatics Corporation, through its OEM Dynamics Linear division, has expanded its product line into the linear-actuator market with the release of its harmonic linear drive (HLD) series.

The HLD is a linear belt drive solution that it claimed to provide high accuracy and low cost without the need for a gearhead or brake.

It uses a recirculating belt, rather a fixed belt, to move the load, folded back upon itself and routed over subtly different-diameter pulleys, yielding gear reduction by way of the Harmonic Drive Principle, without the cost or backlash of a separate gearhead.

The system, which is said to have a low price-to-performance ratio, is available in standard stroke lengths from 100mm to 3,200mm and equivalent pitch ratios from 2.5mm/rev to 12.5mm/rev.

Custom strokes are also available.

These fully integrated units are shipped with the Animatics Smartmotor technology to provide an all-in-one closed-loop brushless servo motor, a drive amplifier, an optical encoder, input/output (I/O), a Fieldbus option, a belt actuator and bearing support.

The HLD60 produces standard thrust up to 450N, with an average moment loading of up to 150Nm.

Each unit provides a near-zero backlash solution with bi-directional repeatability approaching 60um and uni-directional repeatability of less than 20um.

The OEM Dynamics Linear division’s systems are manufactured, tested and shipped in one integrated assembly and are available in several bearing load configurations, including internal roller and single or twin external profile rails.

Fieldbus options include Profibus, Devicenet, Canopen and Ethernet.

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