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Animazoo, a motion capture system manufacturer, has introduced a commercial electromechanical motion capture construction kit.

Aimed at the mechanical and engineering education sector, the kit will provide everything required for students to build the company’s mechanical Gypsy-6 torso motion capture system, providing an insight into the mechanics behind inertial motion capture technology.

The Gypsy-6 system provides actual kinetic and rotational digital data via an adjustable exoskeleton frame.

The combination of the potentiometers and gyroscopes placed on the frame provides freedom of movement and the capture of accurate nuance-filled raw data, all of which can be viewed in real time.

The system is claimed to be simple to use, making the package suitable for teaching the concepts behind motion capture, ranging from suit calibration to data capture.

The kit comes with a full SDK service that will allow students and engineers to program their Gyspy-6 torso systems for use in their own software and create new applications to integrate with the suit.

The construction kit will be available in standard and deluxe models, with prices starting at USD10,000 (GBP6,166).

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