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Animazoo has released the Gypsy 7 motion capture system, targeted at animators, game developers and engineers.

The Gypsy 7 is the latest incarnation of the company’s Gypsy exo-skeletal gyroscopic hybrid technology.

Fitted with military-grade gyroscopes and no lag or noise joint sensors, the Gypsy 7 is said to be ideal for any motion capture environment.

The Gypsy 7 supersedes the Gypsy 6 (released in 2008) and offers increased data accuracy through its new ball-bearing shafts.

The standard Gypsy 7 comes complete with Animazoo’s unified Version 10 operating software, which combines all the necessary tools for system calibration, online streaming, multi-actor synching, key frame editing and dynamic capture features with the ability to preview capture data in real time.

New drag-and-drop actor-calibration features mean faster and more efficient system setup times, with minimal need for bio-mechanical knowledge.

Animazoo also offers real-time driver packages for Motionbuilder as well as Unreal, Unity and Panda 3D game engines, enabling the live visualisation of data on characters.

Captured BVH data from the Gypsy 7 can be imported into all desktop animation packages, making the Gypsy 7 ideal for teaching the fundamental concepts behind motion capture.

As well as increased performance on previous models, the Gypsy 7 provides 18 new non-mocap control triggers in the form of buttons and thumb sticks.

Located on joysticks at the end of each arm, these controls add triggering capabilities that can be captured in addition to BVH data.

This new Extended Event Control (EEC) is suitable for real-time animation, online streaming, biomechanical, robotics, medical and computer-game development applications.

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