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Anite, a provider in testing technology for the wireless industry, and 4M Wireless, a provider of LTE protocol stack for user equipment terminals, plan to publicly demonstrate their LTE functionality.

During the 2009 Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona, the two companies will display a number of solutions that will be essential in helping the mobile industry with the timely development and certification of LTE mobile devices.

These demonstrations include end-to-end video streaming and the first LTE protocol conformance tests that will form part of the industry’s LTE device certification programmes.

The video streaming demonstration is intended to illustrate the maturity of the Anite Development Toolset and includes full L2/L3 and NAS protocol layers for LTE, as well as taking the mobile through a full media call establishment procedure.

It is also said to confirm the performance and comprehensive features provided by the 4M Wireless LTE protocol solution.

Anite’s Conformance Toolset provides signalling protocol testing, which is required by the industry’s mobile device certification programmes.

The demonstration with the 4M Wireless LTE UE protocol stack presents the first availability of conformance tests for LTE devices.

Both demonstrations are built upon Anite’s SAT(H) protocol test solution: a platform enabling early development, conformance and interoperability tests for 2G, 3G and now LTE technologies, which is suitable for developers still in the early stages of handset development.

The 4M Wireless LTE UE stack is a 3GPP Release 8-compliant implementation of the L2/L3 and NAS functionality.

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