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Anite has launched its SAS diagnostic mobile interface (DMI) cell configurator, designed to help handset developers address terminal bug problems and protect brand equity when launching handsets.

The DMI cell configurator is for mobile network operators, terminal and component manufacturers to detect problems quickly and automatically.

The features in the cell configurator record live network scenarios and import them into SAS, whereby SAS populates the cell configurations and allows them to be used interactively or with a playback script using logs from Nemo Outdoor.

Users can develop their own tests and scripts without being restricted by a prescribed test flow.

‘The DMI cell configurator reduces time and effort in creating realistic cell scenarios based on live network parameters,’ said Mike Bonin, managing director, Wireless Business Unit at Anite.

‘It provides more realistic testing and offers customers a more accurate testing tool with enhanced scripts.’ Capturing realistic cell configurations from live base stations in the network can involve as many as 200 field parameters for each 2G or 3G cell.

Capturing these field elements from a live network and inputting them can be a lengthy manual process.

Before the new technology, a user would need to obtain parameters from a network operator and manually create a library of scenarios in a labour-intensive process.

The latest release of Anite SAS includes example scenario files from ATandT’s network, which were created using DMI cell configurator.

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