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Ansmann has launched the MaxE/MaxE+ range of long-lasting rechargeable NiMH batteries for use in industrial portable equipment applications.

Typically, rechargeable batteries have not been used in industrial portable equipment because they rapidly self discharge in just a few weeks, making it necessary to regularly recharge batteries before equipment can be used, particularly if its use is infrequent.

However, the very low-self-discharge feature of the MaxE/MaxE+ batteries, which remain 85 per cent charged even after a year, overcomes this problem, making them suitable for a range of industrial portable applications for which only traditional throw-away alkaline batteries would have previously been used.

Pre-charged for immediate, out-of-the-packet use, the MaxE/MaxE+ batteries are available in seven different sizes, including the AAA, AA, C, D and 9V E block.

SubC and flat-top AA sizes are also available for use in battery-pack assembly.

The MaxE batteries support a maximum charge current of up to 1,200mAh and can be recharged in a standard charger.

To provide even higher capacities, MaxE+ batteries are available in AA (2,500mAh) and E block (250mAh) formats.

According to Paul Channell, managing director of Ansmann Energy (UK), the batteries deliver ‘eco-cost benefits’.

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