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Ansmann has launched its patent-pending Zerowatt ‘green’ power technology in the UK.

Zerowatt technology eliminates the consumption of standby power by electronic equipment without compromising normal usage or convenience.

Ansmann is making the technology available under licence to manufacturers worldwide for incorporation into electronic equipment designs.

Zerowatt exceeds the requirements of the US Energy Star programme and the EU’s similarly stated ecological objectives.

Ansmann is also announcing the first of its eco-friendly industrial and consumer power products utilising the Zerowatt technology, including battery, travel and microUSB device chargers and mains adapters.

The Zerowatt Powerline 4 AA/AAA battery travel charger and Powerline 5 battery charging station for AAA, AA, C, D and 9V E block batteries automatically disconnects from the mains when charging is complete.

Ansmann is also introducing a range of Zerowatt mains-socket adapters, including a time-controlled countdown timer in white and green, an infrared controlled mains socket adapter that works with existing remote controls for TVs, Hi-Fis and DVD players, and an intelligent adapter with reactivation button for PCs.

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