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Antenova has announced the addition of the GPS Radionova RF antenna modules, based on the Mstar MSB2122 low-power single-chip GPS receiver IC, to its range.

The company added that the module has been integrated into a thin credit-card-sized personal tracker reference design suited for personal safety, executive security and lone-worker applications.

The M10295 and M10300 GPS Radionova RF antenna modules incorporate the Mstar MSB2122 Poseidon low-current consumption GPS IC with Antenova’s GPS antenna technology.

They are flash-based, integrated GPS RF antenna modules suitable for a range of embedded GPS applications.

The devices combine the Mstar MSB2122 Poseidon IC with Antenova’s antenna technology to provide an optimal radiation pattern for GPS reception for handheld or portable applications.

The M10295 is designed for a low-profile planar mounting with all front-end components contained in a 28 x 13 x 4.7mm3 single-package module providing a complete GPS system solution.

The device also incorporates an antenna switch with built-in current sensing for optional active antenna connection.

A lower-profile version of 3.1mm in height is also available for ultra-thin device applications such as credit-card-sized personal trackers or lone-worker tags.

A credit-card-sized personal tracker reference design incorporating the lower-profile M10295 RF antenna module is available from Antenova.

M10300 is a compact 25 x 8 x 6mm3 module comprising of a surface-mount RF module and a passive antenna.

All the front-end components are contained in the RF module, providing a complete GPS receiver with maximum design flexibility in multiple platforms.

The M10300 provides optimal radiation pattern for GPS reception on small, typically 40 x 40mm2 or smaller boards and has been optimised for watch and small tracker applications.

The M10300 is said to benefit from Antenova’s antenna-matching circuit, which allows the antenna to be optimised for a specific product without having to change the antenna or the module.

The M10295 and M10300 operate on a single 3.6V positive bias supply with low-power consumption and available low-power modes for further power savings.

Both devices support standalone autonomous and assisted GPS (A-GPS) operation through Mstar’s ephemeris data network.

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