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Solid State Supplies has launched three series of Pulse high-efficiency antennas designed for reliable wireless M2M connections in applications such as smart metering, monitoring, and data logging.

The ranges include the W1900 series of stubby antennas, the W1920 series of blade antennas and the W3538 series of standalone PCB antennas for internal use.

All the antennas feature high-efficiency, small form-factor, penta-band operation for M2M access to global cellular networks.

The W1900 series of stubby external antennas are said to be more than 50 per cent efficient in all bands and are less than 50mm tall, providing a reliable wireless M2M connection in a small form factor.

The stubby antennas cover frequency bands 824-960MHz and 1,710-1,990MHz for all widely used cellular bands for 2G, 2.5G and 3G applications.

They have a peak gain of 1dBi in the 824-960MHz range, 2dBi in the 1,710-1,990MHz range, and 2.5dBi in the 1,920-2,170MHz range, with an impedance of 50 ohms.

These antennas come in two configurations: the W1900 and W1902 are straight antennas for connection to the top of a device or modem while the W1910 and W1911 have a right angle connection for mounting on the side of a product.

The W1920 series of cellular penta-band blade antennas with cable and SMA connectors are said to be cost-effective M2M antennas for the industrial market.

Antennas in this series deliver at least 50 per cent radiated efficiency in all frequency bands in which they operate, while still providing voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR) figures of 1.5dB.

The blade antennas come in two configurations: the W1920G0915, which has a 3ft cable, and the W1920G3658, with a 12ft cable.

Measuring 110 x 22 x 5mm and weighing 29g with the shorter cable, Solid State Supplies claimed this is the smallest penta-band blade antenna capable of operating at 50 per cent efficiency in every frequency band.

Other specifications include a gain of minimum 1dBi, a nominal impedance of 50ohm, an omni-directional radiation pattern in the horizontal plane, vertical polarisation, and a power rating of 3W.

The W3538 series of penta-band standalone PCB antennas features peak efficiency of more than 50 per cent and comes with a variety of different connectors, depending on the model.

Designed for connection to global cellular networks at 850/900/1,800/1,900/2,100MHz, this small form-factor PCB measures 40 x 15 x 0.7mm and can be mounted simply inside an enclosure with adhesive tape.

Versions with cable lengths up to 300mm are available, with custom cable lengths on request.

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