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Antenova has announced the Indica 2.4GHz MDA ceramic chip antenna – the smallest in its Giganova range of standard antennas – designed for ease of integration into wireless devices.

The ultra-small Indica 2.4GHz antenna is suitable for a wide range of embedded applications where space is limited and particularly in the proximity of metal objects, such as electronic shelf labels (ESL).

Indica A10381 is said to be well suited to ESL devices, not only because of its very small size but because it can perform well in the proximity of metal objects such as metal shelving and product tins.

Indica is based on Antenova’s MDA technology, which has enabled the company to develop this small, high-performing antenna that is highly resistant to de-tuning.

Indica A10381 is an MDA-based ceramic chip antenna with 70 per cent efficiency.

It measures 3.3 x 1.6 x 0.65mm3 in size and weighs less than 0.016g.

Indica is suitable for all 2.4GHz applications such as Bluetooth wireless headsets and the next generation of Bluetooth low-energy medical devices.

Indica A10381 is intended for SMD mounting, supplied in tape on reel and available for volume purchase.

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