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EMKA offers a variety of anti-vandalism components, including stainless steel handles, latches with concealed padlock facility, and hinges, designed for remote monitoring stations and street cabinets.

Stainless steel handles are available with either inset/flush designs such as the 1154 swinghandle or as a large-format 1091 heavy duty latch with concealed padlock facility.

These are complemented by internally mounted or concealed hinges such as the 1031, 1032 and 1046 variants in stainless steel.

The EMKA Electronic Locking Module (ELM) programme demonstrates a technology approach to vandalism both for remote installations and in factories where operators may vandalise cabinets to reset machines without authority.

These are keyless in operation and also alarm when improperly opened and enable a 24-hour control access log.

They are likely to find application in indoor electronic racks, data centres, server cabinets, co-location cabinets and so on, as well as outdoor telecoms cabinets – for example, it situations where lack of keys and remote unlocking are advantages.

The standard 1150 IP40 version (for indoor situations) features industry standard dual rectangular hole punching (50 x 25mm) to speed fitting, as well as removable cylinder cover for manual unlock override if required.

Normal operation is by remote release with a green LED indicating unlocked condition, which remains active for up to one minute before automatically re-locking to prevent the cabinet being left in ’open’ condition.

Closure is then manually effected by simply pushing the swinghandle back into the escutcheon.

The external use 1154 IP65 version additionally features a high degree of weather protection in a standard 170mm escutcheon and extra key possibilities for either standard EK type cylinder or with KABA Micron Plus pin type cylinder for further security.

EMKA UK Ltd specialises in the design, manufacture and distribution of innovative Locking Systems, Latches, Hinges, Gasketing, Window / Door units and Accessories to the Electrical and Electronic, HVAC and Industrial Enclosure Industries. ELECTRONIC LOCKING MODULES (ELM) – high tech security for high tech equipment, together with remote monitoring, environmental management and event logging. LOCKING SYSTEMS – for single and multi-point applications and in most circumstances, permit installation into a single punched hole, also including a wide range of COMPRESSION LOCKS. KEYLOCKS – simple quarter-turn locking for lockers, cabinets and covers. HINGE programme – includes products for most applications. Concealed, lift-off, mechanically fastened, weld on, polyamide and stainless steel versions are available. GASKETING MATERIALS – self-gripping with no permanent memory and can be installed in one piece without being mitered. TOGGLE LATCHES – ideal for quick action closure for boxes, cases, cabinets, luggage, equipment. ACCESSORY line – includes drawing pockets, handles, door stops and other items of interest to designers and manufacturers of all types of enclosures. WINDOW and DOOR UNITS – custom made and available with a wide variety of options.

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