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Trelleborg Industrial is to supply a corrosion-resistant version of its Novibra SIM mount to Hi-Air to isolate air-conditioning equipment used at Russia’s Sakhalin 1 oil and gas field.

Novibra SIM is a versatile anti-vibration mounting designed for small to medium-sized engines and other equipment in marine- and land-based mobile applications.

In this application, the baseplate and dome-shaped casing that houses the captive rubber element is fabricated from stainless steel for extra corrosion resistance.

The design combines robust construction with moderate vertical stiffness and high axial stiffness, making Novibra SIM suitable for duties including rail, bus, truck, mobile plant and industrial engines, fans, pumps, compressors, refrigeration and air-conditioning plant and measurement equipment, as well as marine engines.

A range of sizes is available weighing from 0.35kg to 2.03kg, with compounds between 40IRH (International Rubber Hardness) and 70IRH to cope with maximum loadings from 50kg to 580kg.

Tony Carter, general manager at Trelleborg Industrial Asia Pacific, said: ‘Conditions in the Sakhalin oil and gas field are notoriously difficult both on- and offshore.

‘Temperatures regularly reach -40C and any elastomeric components have to be manufactured to the most exacting standards to ensure they continue to deliver the required performance in such a climate,’ he added.

Hi-Air selected the Trelleborg mounts because of their proven long service life in harsh environments, and the company’s willingness to design and supply a special version of the product.

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