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Aonix has announced Java virtual machine support for the low-cost Beagleboard with its PERC Ultra.

Developers will be able to quickly and more cost efficiently launch development that takes advantage of PERC’s graphics support, via the ARM-based Beagleboard, which demonstrates 5-9s uptime reliability.

PERC provides waste collection technology and smaller footprint for use in real-time embedded applications.

PERC Ultra 5.3 has AWT/Swing libraries for embedded platforms, giving 2D/3D graphics developers the immediate availability of hundreds of downloadable community projects.

Testing of the PERC virtual machine functionality and performance characteristics, and graphics capability was executed on the Beagleboard from Digi-Key.

PERC Ultra on the Beagleboard was tested with Linux and X Windows distributions from Angstrom and the free Codesourcery G++ Lite toolchain for ARM GNU/Linux.

The latest Beagleboard version offers increased design flexibility with twice the memory (256MB RAM), additional high-speed USB port and an LCD expansion connector.

Based on a Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) OMAP3530 processor, the Beagleboard bridges desktop and embedded development by delivering laptop-like performance in a 3 x 3in form factor for projects such as robots, netbooks, and mobile Internet devices to entire Linux distributions and gaming frameworks.

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