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Momento has installed an AP and T press to help prepare its expanded production facilities for future products.

Memento’s factory in Flen manufactures impact sockets used in the assembly industry, power industry and by car mechanics.

The impact sockets have a width across flats ranging from 3mm to 300mm.

With increased demand for Momento sockets, production capacity soon reached its limits – even though production continued around the clock.

The company had to increase capacity so that it could offer fast and reliable deliveries.

‘In addition to standard sockets, we also manufacture special sockets with just a few weeks of lead time; that’s why we need security in the form of a little over capacity,’ said Torbjorn Lund, production manager, Momento.

Momento also wanted the ability to form even larger impact sockets with the help of the heat pressing method the company uses for smaller sockets.

With heat pressing, a type of forging method, the structure of the metal is maintained, which in turn generates a more durable socket.

The solution was an automated press cell with a hydraulic press from AP and T that is served by a six-axis robot with gripper.

The blanks are heated in an induction oven and are fed into the press tool by a robot that also picks the hot socket out after forming.

‘Heat pressing is the heart of socket production since this step is vital to the properties of the end product,’ said Lund.

Heat pressing requires high press forces in combination with fine tolerances.

The AP and T press has 630 tonnes of press force.

Its combination of load-sensing hydraulics with servo hydraulics together with another three hydraulic cylinders gives Momento the ability to achieve fine tolerances without complicated press tool solutions.

It also enables the company to heat press larger sockets.

AP and T is responsible for the press and its interface with the automation, while Momento is responsible for automation, machine protection and CE marking.

The new press cell is the first production unit in a new hall that doubles Momento’s production area.

The intention is to not only be able to grow in the future but also move some existing equipment to make production flows more efficient.

Socket manufacturing involves several production steps beyond heat pressing.

After heat pressing, the socket undergoes lathing, hardening and surface treatment before it is ready for delivery.

Making all steps of production flow more efficient gets the sockets to the customers even faster.

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