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C and K Johansen has updated its machinery with two manually operated hydraulic presses from AP and T.

AP and T suggested combining the presses with one of the existing hydraulic presses to form an automated press line that increased quality and reduced handling cost per manufactured part.

The press line had to provide a flexible production solution that made it possible to mix automated handling with manual operation if desired.

Three AP and T Speedfeeder press robots were added to serve the three presses.

A fourth press was later added to the line, which now can produce products with over 10 operations, including various installations, right from coil.

‘We only need one operator for four presses and the production rate is three to four times faster than with manual handling, if you count intermediate storage,’ said Peter Moller of C and K Johansen.

One challenge was to find room for the press line in C and K Johansen’s production plant.

AP and T came up with the idea of arranging the four presses in a U shape.

‘The configuration is very flexible and enables us to manufacture a part with, for example, automatic handling in presses one and two, while presses three and four are operated manually if the customer’s product require such,’ Moller added.

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