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APC, a Schneider Electric company and a provider of integrated critical power and cooling services, has introduced its Smart-UPS RT range of power protection models.

The range comprises the 3kVA (SURT3000XLI-ET), 5kVA (SURTD5000XLI-ET) and 6kVa (SURT6000XLI-ET) power protection models, which are engineered for the electro technical environment.

This extends the Smart-UPS online product range, offering key features for ET installations, such as facilities, for hardwire input and output termination.

Good voltage and frequency regulation with no break voltage in the transition to and from battery power makes the Smart-UPS RT units suitable for supporting motors and linear power supplies, which are less tolerant to these issues.

The units ensure availability, manageability and adaptability for any installation need and the double-conversion online topology provides: a no-break supply; uptime while additional runtime with uninterrupted power load is available, thanks to the hot swappable plug-and-play batteries; and manual and automatic internal bypasses ensuring power to loads if any UPS failure occurs.

Up to 10 battery packs can be attached to the unit, providing extended runtimes.

Manageability is facilitated by the serial interface and connection cable that are provided for local configuration and diagnostics via a connected PC.

A Smartslot is provided to allow the use of a range of APC management cards, including input/output relay alarms, building management integration and network management cards.

The units are adaptable to any space owing to their tower configuration and the optional rack-mounting rail kit.

Output voltage and frequency tracking tolerance can be adjusted to meet various power environments, while both the input and output connections of the units offer hardwire terminations.

The Smart UPS RT units include a serial port provided for local configuration, diagnostics and communications with APC Powerchute software.

The 3kVA and 6kVA models have a DB9 connector, while the 5kVA has a RJ45-10P10C connector.

All models are provided with a suitable APC interface cable with a female DB9 connector to interface with connected equipment.

Emergency power-off (EPO) terminals allow the connection of a remote EPO switch, so that the unit can be shut down in case of emergency.

There is also a control and status panel providing a range of basic information, including light-emitting-diode (LED) bar graphs for battery charge, percentage load, LED indicators for UPS status, indication of general fault and battery replacement need.

The unit also includes stabilisation feet that provide a wider footprint to this compact tower unit and battery temperature compensation charging to ensure the optimum life of batteries.

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