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PSE has released gPROMS version 3.3 advanced process modelling (APM) software, designed to make powerful tools more accessible to large process-industry companies.

V3.3 contains productivity features for speeding up the obtaining of initial solutions for complex processes, such as coupled reaction and distillation flowsheets, a graphical task editor for creating detailed operating procedures for batch and other dynamic processes, and model protection facilities to protect intellectual property (IP) embodied in models, in order to allow them to be distributed securely within and outside organisations.

In addition, it contains many usability, productivity, numerical solution and other enhancements.

gPROMS is used by companies in oil and gas, chemicals and petrochemicals, power generation, clean energy, food and beverage, consumer products, pharmaceutical and other process sectors.

Key applications are the high-fidelity predictive modelling of products and processes to accelerate innovation, manage development risk and optimise process design and operation.

The comprehensive model initialisation features make it possible to embody experts’ initialisation strategies within models that can then be supplied as robust ‘plug-in-and-run, converge first time’ models to process engineers.

This makes it much simpler to apply high-fidelity models – such as detailed predictive reactor models – in a process flowsheeting context, bringing new opportunities for economic optimisation of process design and operations.

The graphical task editor brings drag-and-drop functionality and graphical visualisation to gPROMS’s existing task language for defining operating procedures.

This makes it easier for process engineers to build and verify complex operating procedures for batch process optimisation and design of start-up policy.

There have been a number of usability enhancements at all levels, from new palette options that simplify creation of process flowsheets to new optimisation solvers, as well as general performance improvements and reduced memory consumption, and an update to Multiflash physical properties version 3.9.

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