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Deciding to invest in innovative projects has become less of a risk for food and drink companies after Appetizing Innovation, led by Food Processing Faraday, announced further financial incentives.

As part of the Yorkshire Forward-funded scheme, projects costing as little as GBP5,000 can now benefit from access to the most up-to-date skills, technologies and equipment.

Financial assistance has also been increased to 60 per cent of the total project cost to encourage the food-and-drink industry to develop new products, novel packaging ideas and new processing techniques.

The extra funding comes as a boost to all food and drink companies in the Yorkshire and Humber region that want to innovate but lack the experience to do so or are wary of committing resources to product development.

Appetizing Innovation draws on the experience of a consortium of leading product and packaging experts.

The project provides independent expertise and practical advice to support companies in their efforts to identify opportunities for innovation, improve commercial viability and successfully bring new concepts to the market.

Since its launch last year, Appetizing Innovation has enabled all companies within the food-and-drink sector to access specialist help and resources.

Building on the success of its structured programmes for products and packaging development, the initiative also includes process innovation, which now qualifies for funding support.

Working alongside Faraday in the consortium are Sheffield Hallam University’s Centre for Food Innovation, Leeds Metropolitan University, the Regional Food Group and packaging-innovation consultant Design Futures.

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