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Haeussler, a manufacturer of wood-burning ovens, electric stone ovens, pizza ovens, dough-kneading machines, pasta machines and grain mills, has improved productivity with Abas Business Software.

Previously, the company did not have a structured IT environment and many isolated solutions interfered with the flow of information.

In 2006, Haeussler implemented Abas Business Software and increased liquidity, transparency and productivity.

All modification done within the software remain intact after a release upgrade.

‘Our production is very complex, with extended workbench, procurements abroad, in-house production and purchased parts, as well as job lot and made-to-order production,’ said Roland Mayer, technical director at Haeussler.

In the service department, Abas ERP manages the spare-parts lists of the devices.

Prices, conditions, costing schemata and customer- and vendor-related service information is available with the click of a button.

Haeussler is operating a separate warehouse in the distribution area.

Using the connection of several cash registers, sales are posted in real time in this warehouse by the enterprise resource planning (ERP) system and the reorder point for refilling the goods in the baking village is managed.

The automatic sending of goods is also initiated.

The e-business component contained in the ERP software is also being used.

Mayer added: ‘With our integrated system – everything is connected to everything and the tools available in the software, such as info systems or selection bars – we are able to quickly and easily create all types of enumerations, costing schemata, statistics and business figures.

‘Transparency and the ability to provide information have also increased.

‘One click and the user knows the status of a sales order.

‘Since we have been using the scheduling function of our ERP system, Excel lists in procurement are a thing of the past and we almost have no safety stock.

‘Batch sizes and purchase-order quantities can now be purchased optimally.

‘Warehouse quantities and capital tie-up could be decreased by 35 per cent, which, in turn, increased liquidity.

‘All products and their current availability can be viewed 24/7 in the Abas eB webshop.

‘Individual terms and conditions are recorded for all registered customers.

‘All the necessary data are available in the ERP system and are displayed in the webshop in real time,’ he said.

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