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Lanner Electronics has launched the refreshed FW-8892, a 2U rack-mount dual-CPU appliance targeting applications in enterprise gateway security, firewall, UTM, WAN acceleration and VPN appliances.

The appliance is built on the Intel 5520 chipset while supporting two 32nm Intel Xeon processors.

The original FW-8892 was built for the Intel Xeon 5500 series processors but Lanner has updated the board design to incorporate the newest Intel 5600 series processors.

Targeting the high-performance segment of the network security and acceleration appliance market, the FW-8892 offers features including: Intel Virtualisation Technology, Automated Energy Efficiency, Quick Path Interconnect Technology, PCI Express Gen 2 and triple-channel DDR3 memory.

The Intel 5600 series CPUs are said to offer significant advantages over the older series 5500 series CPUs.

The Intel Xeon processor 5600 series can regulate power consumption, and adjust server performance to meet the user’s application needs.

Intel’s Intelligent Power Technology automatically shifts processors and memory into the lowest power state needed to run applications, which in turn can deliver up to a 40 per cent more performance-per-Watt ratio than the 5500 series.

The 5600 series processors also offer the same performance as the 5500 series but utilises 30 per cent less electricity.

Other advantages include further power savings stemming from 40W processing options, lower power DDR3 RAM and Automated Energy Efficiency.

A 2U rack-mount platform, the FW-8892 includes four hot-swappable Sata II hard-drive trays along with three replaceable network modules for combination of up to 24 LAN ports combining GbE copper, fibre and bypass port options.

Twelve DIMM sockets support up to 24GB DDR3 memory.

High availability features include optional Raid, swappable system fans and redundant 500W power supplies.

An optional onboard Cavium Nitrox CN1620 security processor offloads high-level security commands to increase total system throughput.

Additionally, Lanner’s modular design allows for easy replacement of front-facing network port modules, hot-swappable hard drives, rear-accessible fan assemblies and power supply units.

Lanner also provides complete customisation and chassis design services to enhance the customer’s brand image.

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