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Applikon Analytical is offering the ADI 2040 Exp for the analysis of vent gas scrubber liquor.

Caustic liquor prevents the unauthorised release of noxious gases, but analysing the caustic solution is either carried out by spectroscopy or samples taken to the laboratory for analysis by titration.

Both techniques have serious limitations, according to the company.

For example, spectroscopic methods will require calibration and frequent validation of the model and the laboratory analysis will involve a significant time lag.

To overcome both, the common approach is to build a safety margin into the minimum concentration of caustic, leading to higher chemical usage and greater waste disposal costs.

The ADI 2040 Exp is designed to bridge the gap between the process and the laboratory by allowing the caustic titration to take place in the production environment without any further protection.

By carrying out the titration at the point where the analysis is required, much tighter control can be implemented, leading to cost savings.

The ATEX-certified ADI 2040 Exp is supplied complete with a purge control unit and pressure-sensitive protection.

As the wet part is mounted outside the purged cabinet, maintenance and operator checks can be made without shutting the system down or carrying out gas testing for safety.

The configuration and working range of the analyser can be adjusted to meet the exact requirements of each individual site.

Applikon Analytical is part of Metrohm and is represented exclusively by Metrohm UK.

In addition to the sale of analysers, Metrohm UK provides a full customer service, including spares, training and service contracts.

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