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Applikon Analytical has released the ADI 2040 Exp for the analysis of sodium in propane and butane.

One of the most common methods for removing the increasing levels of sulphide and mercaptans from natural gas is to pass the gas through a caustic scrubber.

Small amounts of sodium are carried through with the sweetened product and can lead to serious technical issues for processes downstream.

Sampling and analysis of propane and butane is lengthy and hazardous giving a low frequency of analysis for laboratory results.

The ADI 2040 Exp is designed to bridge the gap between the process and the laboratory by allowing the sodium analysis to take place in the production environment.

Supplied as a complete system the Atex-certified ADI 2040 Exp comes complete with a purpose-built sample conditioning system to provide a complete integrated system.

As the wet-part is mounted outside the purged cabinet, maintenance and operator checks can be made without shutting the system down or carrying out gas testing for safety.

The configuration and working range of the analyser and sample conditioning system can be adjusted to meet the exact requirements of each individual site and a full range of input/output signals with appropriate barriers for a complete system.

Applikon Analytical

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