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Applikon Analytical has introduced the ADI 2040 online titration process analyser.

Online titration process analysers produce a continuous stream of accurate and precise results, providing operators with a real-time insight into the chemical environs of their manufacturing processes.

These include endpoint titration (SET), inflection point (MET), dynamic endpoint (DET) and Karl Fischer titration automatic validation.

They have an automatic validation option, which can be programmed to occur as part of the analysis cycle, such as one validation per 20 samples analysed or when a result is outside a predefined range.

Applikon’s ADI 2040 model is able to process multiple sample streams.

The actual number of streams is dependent on the type and number of analyses that the machine is configured to perform.

For a simple titration, up to 40 streams can be analysed in sequence.

Titrolysers are corrosion resistant; the wet part is made of polystyrene.

The electronics are housed in an airtight metal casing, which can be air purged.

The ADI 2040 can also be made explosion proof.

Titrolysers typically have up-times of more than 99 per cent.

This is because the analyser has a small number of moving parts; there is limited contact time with the sample and the reaction vessel is thoroughly rinsed after each analysis.

Generally, titrolysers only use one litre of reagent per month.

This is because of their small reaction cell size and batch-wise operation.

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