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Apprion has installed and deployed a wireless network for Huntsman, enabling field operators and applications to use networked resources.

For the mobility platform, Apprion included Motorola rugged, mobile, handheld computers.

First, a component was developed to support electronic smart-operator rounds and readings.

Second, a module to quickly initiate maintenance work requests from the field was developed.

RFID tags that were attached to field equipment gave detailed identification and information.

The third software function was to provide field access to step-executable Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Standard Operating Conditions (SOCs).

An Industrial Mobility central-database engine was built to provide immediate access to critical operating limits, consequences of deviation and corrective actions for any operating procedure, maintenance procedure, operator round, or safety verification being performed by the operator at the point of decision making in the field.

Legacy information, such as process and instrumentation diagrams, process-flow diagrams, drawings, procedures and incident reports, was also made available on demand.

Apprion designed a network combining Wi-Fi and WiMAX equipment to cover the site.

The Project Zero system is deployed on four production units at Port Neches.

The operator scans an asset RFID tag and chooses a defect from a pick list to generate a defect elimination work request, allowing the company to track the time between defect discovery and resolution.

Operators can also scan an RFID tag in the field and get the defect elimination status of any work order associated with that equipment.


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