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Apriso has expanded the quality planning capabilities of the latest version of Flexnet Quality.

Flexnet Quality functions as a hub for enterprise quality management across manufacturing operations.

This product expansion allows quality characteristics to be collected according to Flexnet’s inspection plan instead of relying on external systems such as ERP, which can lead to unnecessary delays or disruption of material flows.

Flexnet Quality creates and expands sampling procedures that can then be scheduled to integrate inspection priorities across manufacturing, warehouse and supply chain operations.

Flexnet customers can now perform sampling with far greater flexibility, including sampling based on ISO 2859 rules, which include determining sample size according to lot size or severity level.

Results are available in real-time to support immediate corrective actions and quickly provide valuable information to corporate planning and reporting activities within enterprise applications such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) and product lifecycle management (PLM).

Flexnet delivers the functions of a quality management system (QMS), leveraging a platform-based unified data model to join multiple quality, traceability and containment management capabilities, each working cohesively across an enterprise manufacturer’s operations.

With Flexnet, quality is managed seamlessly across operational silos; this accelerates product and process quality assurance across all operations, reducing defects.

John Fishell, director of product management at Apriso, said: ‘Manufacturers can leverage Flexnet Quality Planning to perform inspections within production, warehouse and supply chain processes before final assembly.

‘Based on the inspection results, corrective actions can then be performed in a timely manner, whether that involves containment, process adjustment or a complete shutdown of production.’ Apriso has designed its latest application to work in a modular fashion.

Manufacturers can complement and leverage existing IT, QMS or ERP investments, adding Flexnet Quality where appropriate.

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