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Automated Packaging Systems (APS) is offering the option to UK businesses to hire – rather than buy – automated bagging and void fill solutions.

The company has joined forces with nationwide tool and equipment provider HSS Hire to offer exclusive short- and long-term hire of its Freespace bagging system and Airpouch void fill system.

The PS 125 Freespace is designed for low- to mid-volume operations.

It is said to be highly productive and flexible and has been adapted for a range of applications, from splitting bulk-purchase fittings and craft items to dispatching goods from offices.

Capable of operating at speeds up to 25 bags per minute, it weighs less than 40kg and has a footprint of 550mm x 480mm, which means that it can be used in small spaces.

The quiet, all-electric design does not require compressed air.

Freespace makes it possible for one person to sort and bag products at between four and six times their normal operating rate in a like-for-like bagging scenario, saving time and cutting the cost of bought-in labour.

The bags are available in a range of sizes, from postcard to pillowcase.

In addition, HSS Hire will also offer Airpouch: APS’s desktop void-fill system that provides an immediate, lightweight and greener source of reprocessed protective packaging cushions.

Airpouch is claimed to be fast and simple to use, providing protective air-filled cushions at a rate of 15 linear metres per minute – enough to fill a family car every 10 minutes.

The cushions offer protection and padding and are suitable for components, spare parts, CDs, books, electronics, pharmaceuticals and electrical items.

Airpouch is used in mail-order centres and fulfilment houses, as well as for parts distribution, and will be available for hire on a weekly basis.

Automated Packaging Systems

Automated Packaging Systems, the world leader in flexible bagging solutions, helps its customers increase speed, reduce cost and improve the efficiency of packaging operations.

Featuring pioneering Autobag machines and bags, and based on more than 40 years' expertise in bagging, Automated Packaging Systems has worked with some of the biggest brands to produce robust, functional, high impact packaging. Its bagging systems are harnessed for host of applications including hardware, food, mail fulfilment, medical supplies and military equipment.

Its tailored approach to each packaging application results in unique systems, but its core benefits remain consistent: increased throughput, reduced costs and great-looking packaging.

Automated Packaging Systems operates as a supply chain partner to help streamline packaging applications and helps its customers take the step up from slow, unreliable or manual bagging.

Automated Packing Systems' European Head Office and manufacturing facility is located in Malvern, UK, and the company services its European customer requirements through business units strategically located in Belgium, France and Germany and via a comprehensive European network of distributors and agents.

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