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Applied Power Systems is introducing power semiconductor assemblies featuring voltages from 100 to 20,000V and currents ranging from 30 to 3,000A.

Applications include: power supplies, AC/DC and static converters, AC phase controllers, UPS and motor starters.

Circuit configurations are available in single-, double- or three-phase styles, and as full bridge or as series stacks and AC or static switches.

Power semiconductor assemblies are offered in air or liquid cooled versions.

Also available are: bus bars, gate firing circuits, fuses, snubbers, blowers and fans, thermal switches and insulated mounting, as well as fibre-optic interfaces.

Complete in-house engineering is available for all fully assembled and tested power semiconductor assemblies with ratings up to 30,000A; semiconductor heatsink kits and clamps for mounting high-power semiconductors; air and liquid cooled heatsinks for mounting hockey pucks and modules, as well as liquid cooled chill blocks, with or without power tabs.

APS offers Gate Driver Circuits and Driver Boards for IGBT, SCR and MOSFET devices, fibre-optic interfaces, high-voltage drivers for IGBTs, SCRs and Snubber boards.

APS also produces a line of high-power semiconductor assemblies (air and liquid cooled) and rectifier bridges.

Applied Power Systems

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