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Aquaflow Valves, a division of T-T, has introduced the Aquabrake range of air valves for potable and filtered water applications.

Whereas conventional air valves consist of internal pivots or mechanisms that are prone to failure, the Aquabrake features a single non-metallic directly acting float.

The precision-machined guided cylindrical float is formed from solid polypropylene that will not deform or fail should surge conditions occur.

The Aquabrake has a single lightweight and compact fusion-bonded epoxy-coated ductile iron body that negates the need for a secondary small orifice chamber; this reduces weight, simplifies installation and minimises transportation costs.

The uncomplicated modular body allows the valve to transform from a 16 bar rated configuration to a 25 or 40 bar rating within seconds without the need for specialist tools or workshop facilities.

The Aquabrake is available in two configurations: single large-orifice, which allows for efficient bulk release of air during pipe filling to prevent pressure build-ups and ingress during pipe draining to prevent vacuum conditions arising; and double orifice offering, which in addition to the single-orifice features a controlled-bleed facility to maintain system stability.

The design ensures that the Aquabrake offers excellent flow performance even when operating under demanding conditions.

Aquabrake conforms to BS EN 1074-4:2000, is tested to EN 12266-1:2003, is available from DN25 through to DN200 and is approved by the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS).

Accessories to enhance the Aquabrake include an integral engineered surge-alleviation assembly, tapped cowl, insect mesh and isolating valves.

In addition, Aquaflow Valves can supply from its extensive stockholding a range of waterworks valves including: engineered wedge gate valves (manual or actuated), WRAS-approved swing check valves, double hinge flap valves and fabricated valve operating equipment.

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