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Aquaform has introduced to the UK a new treatment process for Cooling Water Systems.

Thousands of systems throughout the UK face the challenges of maintaining a good water quality at minimal cost and without creating corrosion problems within the system.

Historically this has involved maintaining a fine balance between sufficient chlorine- or bromine-based disinfectant to treat the water and minimising the same chlorine and bromine levels to keep corrosion levels within the system to a minimum.

Most water systems have a combination of mild steel, copper and stainless-steel components and even those with only stainless-steel wetted surfaces still face expensive replacement and renewal costs from the effects of chlorine and bromine-based disinfectants.

The Aquaform System is a cost-effective alternative without the horrendous corrosion problems caused by halogen-based chemicals.

It also kills Legionella spp, reduces scale formation and prevents biofilm growth.

Because Aquaform does not add to the conductivity or TDS levels in the water, lower blowdown rates are required and less water is wasted.

Following 12 months of exhaustive testing, analysis and continuous monitoring, the Aquaform system has been proven to supply excellent bacteriological quality and 50 per cent water savings, while the corrosion rates have proven to be 0mpy for stainless steel and less than 0.4mpy for copper.

The Aquaform System is based on peroxide chemistry, does not contain chlorine, bromine or chlorine dioxide and does not lead to the formation of chlorinated or brominated residuals.

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