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The Aquisnet air quality information software from Kisters uses advanced time-series data management as the core technology to manage ambient air pollution and emission control networks.

The Aquisnet DAS collects data from serial or LAN analysers and analogue sensors.

Data acquired from the measurement devices is plausibility checked, aggregated, stored in local circular buffers and annotated with status information.

In addition, the Aquisnet DAS supervises periodic functional tests and the routine calibration of all intelligent analysers.

Aquisnet Datacenter polls all connected measurement stations, retrieves the data and stores it in a relational database.

The database scheme is optimised for the purpose of time-series data management and supports both equidistant and irregular time steps.

The LIMS module features equipment tracking and the management of measurement data from laboratory analysis.

Online data is automatically validated with pre- or user-defined validation rules.

Validated data serves as the input for aggregation, analysis, reporting and exporting.

Various data analysis algorithms are available, ranging from statistical analysis to neural network modelling.

The graphics tool supports a range of statistical, linear and polar plots, especially developed for both time-series and wind-dependent data.

Aquisnet complies with European, Australian and US regulations and standards.

The software can be used for ambient air pollution control and stack/process emission monitoring.

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