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Floyd Automatic Tooling’s SwissCollet expanding arbor system improves the workholding capabilities of turning centres with a dead-length collet system.

Adapting to any machine using a dead-length collet system, the modular expanding arbor system can be used on fixed and sliding head lathes as well as in specialist machining applications.

The system enables the end user to machine micro components from 0.8mm diameter with F8 collets through to larger work with F66 (DIN 185E) collets.

This working range allows any turning centre with a dead-length collet to produce parts for the micro industry sector, such as the watch and horoligical industries, while at the other end of the scale users can accommodate large parts.

The expanding arbor system from SwissCollet consists of two components, the collet sleeve adaptor and the interchangeable expanding arbor, that can be changed to suit the relevant diameter components.

The collet sleeve adaptor replaces the current collet sleeve and the interchangeable arbor fits the sleeve.

For end users that have to transfer parts to alternate machines for secondary operations and milling because the sub spindle and its sleeve cannot accommodate small parts, the SwissCollet expanding arbor system is the ideal solution.

The system can improve the cycle times of components by offering end users one-hit capability on small-part production as opposed to transferring to secondary machines.

Components are ejected from the arbor with the use of coolant or an extractor ring.

Floyd Automatic Tooling

Floyd Automatic Tooling was established in 1989 to provide the turned-part industry with specialist tooling to accommodate the demands of a wide variety of subcontract and OEM component manufacturers. The cutting tool and turning ancillary products offered by the Baldock-based company are from some of Europe's most prestigious manufacturers, enabling Floyd to provide quality products at realistic prices.

The principle product ranges supplied by Floyd are well suited to commonly used CNC sliding-head automatic lathes. The product ranges are supported by technical expertise that is based on many years of experience encompassing product development programmes with machine tool and cutting tool manufacturers. As well as cutting tools, Floyd also offers high-specification solutions such as collets, bushes, feed collets, guide bushes, marking and knurling and threading tools plus many more customer-specific solutions.

The extensive product range also extends to cutting tool ranges for fixed-head CNC lathes, rotary transfer machines, multi-spindle lathes and many other high-specification machine tools used in the manufacture of precision components for a diverse range of industry sectors.

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