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Arburg is to present injection moulding technology at the 51st International Engineering Fair, which is scheduled to take place in Brno in the Czech Republic on 14-18 September 2009.

The company, which will be found on Stand 14 in Hall G1, will demonstrate the potential of the high-performance Allrounder Hidrive machines.

A complex production cell will show the encapsulation of inserts with downstream assembly.

Representing the new Hidrive series, the Allrounder 570 H with a clamping force of 2,000kN (200tonf) and a size-800 injection unit will be on show in Brno.

Arburg claims that Allrounder H machines feature energy-efficient drive technology that achieves maximum performance in the field of thermoplastics processing with short cycle times.

The Hidrive machines combine the servo-electric clamping unit of the Allrounder A with the hydraulic injection unit of the Allrounder S ‘advance’ and the performance-adapted hydraulic accumulator technology to produce a hybrid machine series.

These Allrounder units bear the Arburg ‘e’ energy-efficiency label.

The exhibit will demonstrate the production of CD cases weighing 30g in a cycle time of around 10 seconds.

The machine is equipped with a Multilift V Select robotic system for removing and setting down moulded parts, which allows simple programming.

The teach-in function means that the robotic system can learn the positions that it has to move to in order to pick up and set down parts with precision.

For this purpose, all the positions of the robotic system are moved to manually in succession and confirmed via the ‘Teach’ button.

All the necessary parameter entries are then automatically checked and executed in the control system.

Simultaneously, the Selogica ‘direct’ control system independently generates the robotic sequence and integrates it into the machine cycle.

This means that no specialised programming knowledge is required.

The second exhibit, the Allrounder 370 S with a clamping force of 600kN (60tonf) and a size-170 injection unit, is integrated in a complex production cell.

This system will not only demonstrate the encapsulation of inserts, but also the integration of downstream assembly steps.

The Allrounder operates with a Multilift V robotic system, which enters vertically into the mould and is fully integrated in the Selogica machine control system.

A toy buggy will be produced, the metal axles of which are encapsulated in plastic.

In this application, the complex gripper of the robotic system inserts the metal axles, removes the sprue and the individual components and assembles them to produce the finished toy car.

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