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Honeywell has added two configurations to its Smart Position Sensor SPS Series, the 100 and 180deg Arc Configurations, for applications in transportation, industry, military, aerospace and medicine.

The new configurations sense the position of a magnet relative to a sensor in either of two sensing ranges: 0 to 100deg or 0 to 180deg.

The Smart Position Sensor 100 and 180deg Arc Configurations have 0.5 to 4.5V DC analogue output.

The 100deg configuration accurately measures values down to 0.06deg, while the 180deg configuration accurately measures values down to 0.11deg.

The air-gap tolerance of 7.8 +/-2.5mm (100deg) and 8.5 +/-2.5mm (180deg) between sensor and magnet expands application use.

The new Arc Configurations join the Smart Position Sensor’s SPS Series, which includes the 75 and 225mm linear configurations, which were introduced in December 2009 and October 2010, respectively.

Honeywell’s Smart Position Sensors enable highly accurate motion control and improve operational efficiency and safety.

Their non-contact design eliminates mechanical failure mechanisms, reduces wear and tear, improves reliability and minimises downtime.

The Smart Position Sensor’s adaptable, non-contacting design allows customers to eliminate unnecessary connections for installation, thereby reducing installation time and components.

The combined patented MR sensor and ASIC technology provides enhanced differentiation and performance, while the self-diagnostics feature can reduce equipment downtime by providing predictive maintenance input.

Because there are no moving parts within the sensing element, Honeywell seals the sensor, making it resistant to vibration, shock and extreme temperatures, allowing use in many harsh applications.

The Smart Position Sensor 100 and 180deg Arc Configurations may potentially be used to provide position/angle information for the following applications: transportation applications such as aerial work lift platforms, front end loaders, diggers/excavators, scissor lifts, refuse trucks, mobile cranes, timber harvester/processor equipment, on-board loader weighing systems; industrial applications such as telescoping conveyor systems, automated touchless vehicle wash systems, power generation, rail-road crossing arms; military applications such as remote weapon systems, chassis suspension systems, military vehicle doors; aerospace applications such as ground-based solar panels and ground-based satellite dishes; and medical applications such as robotically assisted surgery equipment and patient bed elevation.

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