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Kemppi has released Arc System, a welding data collection and analysis program that demonstrates productivity during MIG, TIG and MMA welding.

It displays graphical reports of welding productivity and weld quality levels collated from data collected from individual welding machines.

It is suitable for use by manufacturing management; quality analysis, research and development and welding engineers, supervisors and production personnel.

Wireless data transfer moves information into the flash memory of the data collector and is then stored safely, even if power is lost.

The clock in the collection device is accurate and uses NTP protocol (network time protocol) to accurately retrieve timed data every day.

The latest Kemppi MIG/MAG, TIG and MMA welding machines are digitally controlled and internal signals within each machine can be monitored using a dedicated data collection device attached to the machine.

Once welding starts, information is stored in the machine’s memory, including welder arc time and thereby duty cycles, welding currents (A), voltages (V), wire feed speeds (m/min), filler material identification and consumption (kg) and maintenance requirements.

Arc System collates the data and transfers it wirelessly to base stations and onwards to the user’s server.

Only the user can access the data on his/her server.

Each Kemppi base station has an operating range of about 100m, so a series of strategically located stations can cover a considerable area.

The Kemppi system has centralised reporting, making consolidated production enhancement planning possible.

This system also features a reporting tool accessible via a web browser, allowing individual recipients to have access to particular data relevant to that person’s function within the company.

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