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Arc Machines is supplying welding systems to EDF Energy for its UK nuclear fleet safety system, enabling damaged re-heater tubes to be repaired securely.

Following a three-year development process, from concept to design and application testing, Arc Machines recently supplied a bespoke Model 20 weld head with full remote deployment to plug and seal any leaking tubes on the re-heaters at EDF Energy’s advanced gas-cooled reactors.

The new weld head, with an M415 power supply completing the system, will be used in a repair scenario to stop leaking inlet/outlet tubes by plugging a damaged tube during a reactor shutdown.

Key benefits of product application

  • The system remotely drives a specially designed plug to the weld area and holds it in position during the application of a two-pass weld sequence with the addition of filler wire.
  • The weld head includes a high-precision vision system that can quickly locate the pipe, monitor weld progress and enable a post-weld visual check, using a high-definition camera, to determine weld acceptance.
  • It is designed to provide a safe method of sealing off a damaged pipe during a reactor shutdown.
  • The modified internal-diameter weld head carries a 48mm-diameter plug between 8m and 12m from the pipe-entry point, depending on the length and location of the pipe, to complete a precise locate and seal operation using Arc Machines’ remote welding video vision system
  • The vision system incorporates direct-view optics and colour video cameras to show both the leading and trailing sides of the weld puddle.
  • The miniature video camera assemblies are combined with remote-controlled dual-wire manipulators to allow welding in both directions and to provide a clear view of weld progress, as well as the facility to run a non-destructive evaluation of weld and pipe integrity once the weld is complete.

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