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Arctic AMR is the latest plug and play device launched by Viola Systems to make any meter Smart Grid capable.

Arctic AMR automatically retrieves all the meter data and transfers to any server.

The utility can use the meter data for billing, distribution control, avoiding thefts and improving efficiency.

Arctic AMR provides automatic meter reading for various kinds of meters on RS-232 or connecting through an external optical port cable.

Protocols such as Modbus/DLMS/COSEM have been implemented.

The communication solution is designed to ensure that complete data is consistently available without interruption.

Arctic AMR works using Viola’s ThinVPN software, which ensures data security and authentication in transmission.

It enables the establishment of instant and consistent data communication with any meter; easily maintenance of a network of thousands of nodes; low total cost of ownership as a normal SIM card from any telecom operator can be used; and a secure and reliable solution.

Arctic AMR has an inbuilt modem that works on an existing public network such as GPRS, which ensures that there is no need to build a proprietary network and the cost of ownership is low.

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