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Aeromet is offering argon welder chambers for aerospace and defence industry applications.

According to operations director Stuart Wright, the welding chambers are intended to provide an additional value-added process to reduce costs and increase turnaround times.

The custom-designed sealed enclosures provide a pure and inert atmosphere during the welding of titanium and address the problem of non-conformance owing to weld contamination.

Wright claims that the 12-glove port chamber can be operated by two fully qualified personnel at any one time, reducing weld time and increasing argon gas savings.

The internal capacity of the chamber enables the company to weld components measuring up to 1,000mm in width, 1,600mm in length and 1,125mm in height.

The smaller two-glove port chamber has an internal size of 700mm in width, 750mm in length and 500mm in height, with a typical argon flow rate of eight litres per minute, compared with 40 litres per minute using Aeromet’s previous open flood box system.

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