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To support its wide range of specialist valves used for isolating, controlling and steam trapping, ARI-Armaturen has launched various initiatives to assist and educate customers.

The company has released A Practical Guide to Steam and Condensate Engineering, which covers everything from basic concepts of heat engineering to boiler room and condensate management.

ARI-Armaturen also offers Myvalve, a software programme in disc format that calculates flow coefficients, flow rates and pressure drops to assist with valve selection.

In addition to these resources, customer training courses on products and applications are held regularly at ARI’s UK headquarters in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire.

For more that 50 years ARI-Armaturen has been designing and manufacturing specialist valves used for isolating, securing, controlling and steam trapping across a wide range of industrial processes. Now firmly established in the UK, ARI products form a trusted part of the process line in chemical, petrochem, pharmaceutical, food processing, biofeeds, shipbuilding and building automation applications across the UK. ARI-Armaturen manufactures more than 10,000 products with more than 100,000 variants and most of our safety valves can be supplied on a next day basis. All designs undergo stringent in-house testing and the valves are renowned for their high operational safety and reliability based on leading-edge manufacturing technology. With an experienced team of process engineers based at our UK headquarters in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, ARI offers all the technical advice and assistance you need with delivery of technologically advanced products and solutions manufactured to international quality and safety standards.

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