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ARI Armaturen is offering a compact steam-to-water heat-exchange system that is suitable for the generation of domestic hot water and process heating tasks such as cleaning in place.

ARI-Encoysys is a packaged solution delivered fully tested and ready for connection.

The system was developed to provide a compact, low-maintenance system designed to provide hot water instantaneously up to 2,100kW, whatever the load conditions.

Nick Davies, UK sales director, said: ‘The robust, stainless-steel construction of Encosys is combined with precisely-matched steam and temperature controls which regulate at +/-1C under steady load conditions and provide swift response to large or sudden load changes.

‘Maintenance requirements are minimal and the system rarely requires a bi-annual insurance inspection due to the low volume of the heat exchanger compared to traditional shell and tube options.

‘By heating the secondary water and sub-cooling the condensate in the same plate heat exchanger, substantial energy savings can be achieved and cost of ownership is further reduced because improved energy efficiency means lower fuel bills and lower CO2 emissions,’ he added.

The system comes complete with a self-acting, TUV-approved high temperature cut-out valve to protect the unit from over-heating and users from scalding.

In addition, Encoysys has been designed without the need for a separate water storage vessel, thus removing a potential breeding place for Legionella or other harmful bacteria.

The system is also ideal for small plant rooms ast it has a width of less than 800mm, with the largest unit occupying less than 3m2 and the smallest taking up less than 1.5m2.

A range of options providing a complete system for any application is available and ARI engineers can visit and assess requirements in order to recommend the best model for the application.

For more that 50 years ARI-Armaturen has been designing and manufacturing specialist valves used for isolating, securing, controlling and steam trapping across a wide range of industrial processes. Now firmly established in the UK, ARI products form a trusted part of the process line in chemical, petrochem, pharmaceutical, food processing, biofeeds, shipbuilding and building automation applications across the UK. ARI-Armaturen manufactures more than 10,000 products with more than 100,000 variants and most of our safety valves can be supplied on a next day basis. All designs undergo stringent in-house testing and the valves are renowned for their high operational safety and reliability based on leading-edge manufacturing technology. With an experienced team of process engineers based at our UK headquarters in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, ARI offers all the technical advice and assistance you need with delivery of technologically advanced products and solutions manufactured to international quality and safety standards.

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