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Aries Electronics has expanded the BGA Switch-A-Pitch Adapter range to include a model that adapts to lower pitch bottoms.

The new Switch-A-Pitch Adapter models have tops where the BGA landing pads are on a 0.50mm pitch and the adapter bottoms are fitted with BGA balls on a 1.00mm pitch.

By using these adapters, manufacturers can avoid high costs by utilising non-multilevel boards that could not ordinarily be used with 0.5mm pitch devices.

The adapters combine readily available – and therefore less expensive – larger pitch boards with new, tighter pitch devices.

Components can be added to the designs at a much lower cost, thanks to the open space around the small device at the top of the adapter board, according to the company.

Designed to adapt smaller pitch devices to larger footprints, the new adapters can reduce high density interconnect (HDI) construction.

Switch-A-Pitch Adapter models eliminate the need for laser-drilled microvias on motherboards while enabling the use of standard line and trace spacing down to 0.003in (0.75mm).

The suggested printed-circuit-board pad size is 0.020in (0.50mm) for a 1.00mm pitch.

Adapters feature non-solder mask-defined pads finished with electroless nickel immersion gold and have solder spheres of 63/37 lead/tin or of lead-free SAC305 alloy.

Boards are 0.062in-thick FR4 or Rogers 370 HR with 1/2oz copper traces on both sides.

The adapter can operate up to 221F (105C) for FR4 or up to 266F (130C) for lead free.

As part of Aries’ Correct-A-Chip Adapter series, the Switch-A-Pitch Adapter models save users both time and money.

Correct-A-Chip Adapter models allow the use of different termination styles or pitches on one board designed for an alternative style or pitch and can be fitted with either active or passive components for added functionality.

Aries adapters are available in assorted forms, such as panellised, adapter-only or as a turnkey solution with mounted devices.

Specialising in custom design and production, Aries offers standard products as well as special materials, platings, sizes and configurations upon request.

The Switch-A-Pitch Adapter models are made to customer requirements.

Pricing for a typical adapter with 32 positions is USD6.50 (GBP4.06) each in quantities of 1,000.

Delivery is four to five weeks after receipt of order.

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