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Aries Electronics is offering adapters that convert TSSOP, QFP and other fine-pitch devices to any other fine-pitch bumped package or routing configuration down to 0.4mm pitch.

These fine-pitch bump adapters are mounted to the existing printed circuit board (PCB) via raised pads up to 0.010in (0.25mm) on the adapter bottom.

The adapters feature pads on the component side designed to accept any device on any pitch (0.5mm or greater) and route the signals for packages including TSSOP, QFP and other fine-pitch devices down to 0.40mm.

In addition to simple circuit correction, other active or passive components can be added to the adapter to facilitate a more complex or custom adaptation via the open space available at the top of the adapter board.

This extra available space simplifies conversion of the original design, saving both time and money.

The Aries fine-pitch bump adapter boards are 0.032in (0.813mm)-thick FR4 or Rogers 370 HR, with 0.5oz copper traces on both sides.

The non-solder mask-defined (NSMD) pads are finished with electro-less nickel immersion gold (ENIG).

The adapters can operate at up to 221F (105C) for FR4 and 266F (130C) for lead free.

The new adapters are available in tape and reel for high-speed SMT assembly and can be manufactured for RoHS compliance.

Standard line and trace spacing down to 0.003in (0.076mm) can be used.

Fine-pitch bump adapters are available in panelised form, as an adapter only, or as a turnkey solution with devices mounted.

Pricing for a 64-lead adapter starts at USD25.67 (GBP15.96).

Delivery is 15 working days.

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