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Thermo Fisher Scientific has added the ARL SMS-3500 to its range of automated optical emission and x-ray fluorescence spectrometers.

As an alternative to single-spectrometer automation, the new Thermo Scientific ARL SMS-3500 integrates multiple standalone laboratory instruments, including sample preparation, in a fully automated cell.

It optimises the entire analytical workflow and enhances process-control efficiencies in the mining and metals industries.

The ARL SMS-3500 represents a step forward for users requiring more comprehensive and integrated workflow automation solutions.

At the heart of the system is a Fanuc industrial robot, driven by intelligent Thermo Scientific SMS software, which allows for the preparation and analysis of samples using two sample-preparation machines and two optical emission and/or x-ray fluorescence spectrometers.

The Thermo Scientific ARL SMS-3500 uses reliable components to ensure higher instrument uptime.

The Fanuc robot can precisely handle heavy loads of up to 7kg in industrial environments.

The large floor-standing robot has six axes of movement to optimise sample-handling speed, eliminate unnecessary hardware and increase overall system reliability.

All system components operate simultaneously for greater efficiency, while sample priority management, temporary sample storage and rapid transfer between system components allows for high sample throughput that cannot be matched by traditional manual systems.

Complex procedures such as instrument control and standardisation are scheduled and executed systematically to avoid delaying production sample analysis.

Optimising sample handling and laboratory response times allows for real-time production decision-making that maximises yield and increases the bottom line.

The system provides easy and direct access to the various components for maintenance purposes or manual work.

Each instrument can be quickly disconnected without interruption of the automatic operation and the spectrometers can be easily moved to a separate park position for servicing.

The integration of separate sample-preparation and analysis systems in one or more compact ARL SMS-3500 cells streamlines large laboratory automation.

Samples received via automated air tubes can be immediately processed, avoiding a separate sample-preparation stage and leading to significant cost and response time savings.

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