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Armstrong Optical has introduced the Chrocodile IT sensor system, which is designed for making high-precision, non-contact thickness measurements of wafers, doped or undoped, made of silicon or other semiconductor substrates.

According to the company, the Chrocodile IT’s 4KHz sampling rate, ability to operate in a vacuum and independence of the measurement to variations in temperature and atmospheric moisture make it suitable for many industrial applications.

The small, easily integrated sensor head is a passive lens system with no electronic components or moving parts; this is attached to the controller via a fibre-optic cable, to make measurements immune to electronic interference.

Suitable for in-line measurement and also for multilayer systems, the Chrocodile IT can be configured with up to five sensor heads for multi-channel analysis.

Key specifications

  • Thickness measurements from 18µm to 3mm in air
  • Resolution of better than 60Nm for silicon
  • 4KHz sampling rate
  • Sensor head measures 20mm in diameter by 50mm length
  • Immune to electronic interference
  • Suitable for in-line measurement and for multilayer systems

Armstrong Optical

Armstrong Optical supply optical metrology systems for measuring such things as length, thickness, angle, sphericity, asphericity, vibration and many more. Products include visible and infrared (MWIR & LWIR) interferometers, non-contact surface profilers, autocollimators and systems incorporating autocollimators, distance measuring interferometers and vibrometers.

As an adjunct we have another division addressing the market for both individual optical components (lenses, mirrors, prisms, beamsplitters etc) and/or the optomechanical assemblies into which they fit. For those requiring additional input we are able to offer complete optical and optomechanical design to meet customer specification.

Taking advantage of the personnel within the company we are also able to offer a complete range of thermal imaging and thermography systems, right from individual thermal imaging sensor modules through to complete, turnkey systems for such applications as fire detection, waste monitoring, area surveillance, plus non detsructive testing with Active Thermography.

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