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DSM Engineering Plastics has launched Arnitel Eco, a bio-based, high-performance engineering plastic that is suitable for use in automotive interior and exterior, applications in sports and more.

Arnitel Eco, the latest addition to the Arnitel range, is a high-performance thermoplastic copolyester (TPC) with a 20-50 per cent content derived from renewable resources.

These renewable resources are made from rapeseed oil, grown in areas where there is no competition with food crops.

Arnitel Eco is designed to offer a long lifetime under extreme conditions, making it suited for use in leisure, furniture, consumer electronics and alternative energy applications.

Arnitel copolyesters combine the strength and processing characteristics of engineering plastics with the performance of thermoset elastomers.

The material can perform well or even outperform in applications that normally require conventional rubbers.

Francis Aussems, project manager bio-polyesters for DSM Engineering Plastics, said there is a clear need for bio-based engineering plastics that combine performance with a reduced carbon footprint.

Lifecycle assessment calculations of Arnitel Eco show a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, cradle-to-gate, of up to 50 per cent versus oil-based thermoplastic copolyester.

In addition to its lower carbon footprint, Arnitel Eco adds value thanks to its unique performance, according to DSM Engineering Plastics.

Arnitel Eco shows resistance against UV light and long-term heat exposure.

It is available in a hardness range from 40 to 80 Shore D in both injection moulding and extrusion viscosities.

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