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The Aro Fluid Technologies unit of Ingersoll-Rand has unveiled the Aro 65:1 ratio pump, a high-pressure piston pump designed for the transfer and supply of medium-to-high viscosity materials.

These include mastics, inks, sealants, adhesives and other heavy materials.

The Aro 65:1 chop-check pump packages have been specially designed to handle fluids in excess of 1,000,000 centipoise and pressures up to 515.5 bar.

Aro 65:1 is said to ensure high levels of durability and reliability.

It is equipped with a chrome-plated plunger rod and cylinder that are suited to pumping abrasive fluids.

They also employ longer strokes that cycle less frequently, delivering the same quantity of fluid with less pulsation, ultimately prolonging motor life.

Finally, a visible solvent cup and adjustable packings minimise downtime and extend the life of the pump.

To minimise downtime and to ease service, tie-rod construction permits quick teardown and repair.

Laboratory testing with some of the harshest materials enables Aro a packing design that consistently delivers high seal-wear characteristics.

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