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Severn Trent Services has introduced two standard and pre-engineered inorganic removal systems for small water systems to treat arsenic, iron and manganese contamination in potable water.

The Sorb 33 ARS Series and the Omni-Sorb IRS Series offer all the benefits of the existing Sorb 33 arsenic removal and Omni-Sorb iron- and manganese-removal product lines, and feature cost-effective designs for fast delivery.

The systems are designed in five different vessel sizes ranging from 3.5 to 7ft (1.1 to 2.1m) diameter.

The Sorb 33ARS Series features the proprietary Bayoxide E33 arsenic-removal media and reduces arsenic contamination to non-detect levels.

The Bayoxide media has a high capacity for arsenic and, as a result, has a long run time before it must be replaced.

Compared to competitive technologies, Bayoxide E33 offers the lowest capital cost while providing ease of operation and maintenance.

As the exclusive global partner of Lanxess for potable and wastewater applications, Bayoxide media is only available through Severn Trent Services.

The Omni-Sorb IRS Series offers the combined removal of oxidised iron and manganese from potable ground-water sources.

The filter systems are also suitable for the removal of arsenic in the presence of high-iron waters.

The system is chemical free and does not require the use of potassium permanganate for oxidation.

The Omni-Sorb has a media life of eight years.

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