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Artec has introduced the Broadway 3D scanner.

It captures the shape of objects, including the human body, with high resolution and precision.

The Broadway 3D scanner works like a regular video camera, but instead of a 2D image, the result is a 3D image with speeds of up to 15 surfaces per second.

The scanning process is straightforward: the user simply walks around the object and scans it from various angles, while the accompanying software combines all the scanned images into one.

The system uses geometry of an object to correlate the scanned images and join them into one 3D image in real time, during the actual scanning process.

The Broadway 3D scanner can also be used to scan dynamic objects.

This can be especially useful in medical applications and movie production, where it is vital to capture an actor’s facial expressions in 3D.

Along with the scanner, the client receives specialised software that guides them through the entire scanning process and all the way through the refinement of the final image.

Artec has developed various-sized scanners to accommodate objects ranging from a matchbook to a whole person.

It is recommended that the appropriate-sized scanner is used for a specific purpose, to arrive at the final 3D image quickly and efficiently.

In certain cases, a combination of two scanners can be used to maximise accuracy and efficiency.

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