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Artesis has proved its ability to diagnose equipment problems and anomalies after a pump failure occurred at a Wessex Water pumping station near Yeovil, within days of the date it predicted.

Wessex Water invested in maintenance technology from Artesis to optimise the efficiency and performance of its pumping equipment.

With an initial pilot period of 18 months, the Motor Condition Monitor (MCM) units were installed into the motor-control cabinets of six pumps, including two borehole pumps.

It was in the monitoring of these two boreholes that the Artesis predictive-maintenance system detected a variety of problems and pinpointed the exact time to carry out maintenance work.

As the MCM solution is installed in the motor-starter panel and monitors the electrical and mechanical parameters of the pump, it is suitable for inaccessible applications.

In using GPRS technology, the Artesis team is able to gain remote access to the MCM unit installed onsite.

This enables the team to monitor the equipment 24 hours a day and provide real-time, accurate diagnosis.

Following the installation of the units at the Wessex Water site, the Artesis diagnostic team monitored the pumps remotely, providing a detailed condition and performance report.

One year into the trial, Artesis warned Wessex Water of the condition of both the borehole pumps.

After monitoring these two pumps closely for a further four months, Artesis advised that one of them should be replaced due to an impeller-related problem.

To evaluate the accuracy of the MCM system, the pump was left to run, adopting the run-to-failure strategy.

Within a couple of days of Artesis’ predicted date, the pump failed.

With this degree of accuracy, Wessex Water was able to recognise the benefits of using the predictive-maintenance solution.

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