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Articles on a range of electrostatics topics have been presented and are now available for download, according to Electrostatic Solutions.

Topics include ESD, hazards, applications, environmental electrostatics, nanoelectrostatics, modelling and simulation and atmospheric and planetary electrostatics.

One of the keynote presentations – entitled ‘Ignition risks from static electricity – problems solved?’ – was from Martin Glor of the Swiss Institute for the Promotion of Safety and Security in Basel.

In the past, the biggest advances in our ability to assess electrostatic ignition risks have repeatedly come about through investigations into explosions that have occurred.

This paper offers a general overview of the present state of knowledge in the individual subject areas and the questions that still remain unanswered.

In particular, it addresses the handling and processing of flammable liquids and dusts, together with the design of equipment, process plants and containers.

The open questions concerning the occurrence, characterisation and incendivity of electrostatic discharges are also discussed.

The paper concludes by examining how the knowledge gained is applied in industrial practice.

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