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Artila Electronics has released the Matrix-522 industrial Linux-ready ARM9 CAN bus box computer, targeted at markets such as industrial automation, transportation, vehicles and building automation.

The Matrix-522, the new design of the Linux-ready ARM9 industrial box computer, is powered by an Atmel AT91SAM9G20 400MHz ARM9 central processing unit (CPU) and is also equipped with 64Mb SDRAM and 128Mb NAND Flash memory.

In addition, the Matrix-522 integrates two isolated CAN interface ports, two 10/100Mbps Ethernet ports and two RS-232/422/485 serial ports.

The Matrix-522 is also equipped with two USB hosts, 21 GPIOs and one SD socket inside the compact metal box.

The DIN-rail and wall-mounting capability also makes the system’s onsite installation flexible, according to the company.

The Matrix-522 is pre-installed with Linux 2.6.29 OS and busy-box utility collection.

The Linux 2.6.29 includes SocketCAN, the open-source CAN driver and network stack, which uses the network model on the CAN interface to allow multiple applications to access one CAN device simultaneously.

In addition, the CANopen library and CANFestival are available in the Artila CD to relax user programming in CANopen applications.

The UBI file system is employed to provide improved performance and longer lifetime for NAND Flash compared with JFFS2.

Artila continuously increases and updates the software package to its ftp site to enable users to download for free the software packages they need from the internet.

Software utilities are also provided to simplify the management and development of the Matrix-522, including Webmin, and the GNU tool chain, which includes a C/C++ cross compiler and Glibc.

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